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Statement by Peter McKenna to the Planning Board Hearing Oct 29, 2013

Good Evening and thank you for your service to the village, this cannot be easy. My objective tonight is  to help this board reach an appropriate decision as it relates to this 15 acre site, and how it impacts the quality of life for the surrounding community.


This process and the two that preceded it are a waste of your time and energy and our time, energy and money. This makes many of us quite angry

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Aug 20, 2013 Post Meeting:

The Good News: so many of you came, that it overcrowed the Village Hall. Thanks so much for your support.

The Bad News: So many showed up that the Fire Dept said the courtroom was beyond its capacity. The Planning Board decided to end the meeting and reschedule for another date. 

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August 19, 2013 -



June 13, 2013 -




Nov 24 2011 -  On Tuesday 11/22 the Village Council voted 5 – 0 to reject the Planning Board’s ordinance in support of Valley’s massive expansion.


This was a great day for Ridgewood, and a testament to the support you have provided our efforts over the past five years.  Think back on all the quotes you heard about our chances of succeeding over this time, e.g. “the train has left the station”, “they always get their way”, “this is a done deal”.  There were times we started to doubt it ourselves, but we persevered and we now stand victorious at this crucial moment.  While this is certainly a major victory for us as “David”, we cannot lower our guard just yet as they are still “Goliath” and we still need your support. (Full text)


Nov 2 2011 -  Comparison of Brand New State of  the Art Hospital to the proposed Valley Renewal

Your Presence is Needed


A chart has been created comparing the Orange Regional Medical Center, a new state of the art facility to the Proposed Valley Renewal. It causes serious questions to be raised why 1.2 mil+ sq ft facility is needed.  (Comparison chart)


Sept 15 2011 -  Concerned Residents of Ridgewood – Newsletter

Your Presence is Needed


On Tuesday 9/13, the Village Council held the first of seven scheduled meetings on the fate of Valley Hospital’s attempt to double in size at its Ridgewood campus.  I will try to recap the meeting below for those that couldn’t attend, but it is important that as many people attend the upcoming meetings as possible.  The Council is being asked to decide one of the most divisive issues in Ridgewood history and we need to show that we care about the outcome.  I know many of you are at back to school functions, commuting, shuttling to activities, etc. and that it may be more convenient to watch on TV or the computer, but the Council needs to see you at as many of these meetings as you can attend.  The next meeting is this Monday 9/19 at 7 p.m. in the campus center at Ridgewood HS.  The doors open at 6:30 and the parking and seating are not as big a concern as had been feared by many.

Meeting Recap

John J. Lamb, esq. of Beattie Padovano, LLC. represented CRR well.  He was given ten minutes to summarize our points and his preparation for the hearing was evident as he raised and framed the most critical issues.  As an experienced land-use attorney he provided the Village Council with numerous land-use arguments on why Renewal is wrong for Ridgewood.  (Full Text)

Sept 10 2011 -  Concerned Residents of Ridgewood – Newsletter

It’s Decision Time, “Renewal” is Wrong for Ridgewood.


The good news is we are closer to the end of this odyssey than we’ve ever been.  The bad news is you need to read this entire newsletter to know what to expect.  

First, on Tuesday September 13th at 7 p.m. The Village Council will begin its hearings at the Campus Center at Ridgewood High School to decide how to proceed with Valley’s massive expansion.  It is very important that every member of the community who is against this expansion attends as a show of force.  Second, we continue to spend money in support of our position.  Please support us as much as you can so that we can continue to advocate for you.

        To Donate:                            http://www.stopvalley.com/Donate.html


Valley calls those in opposition NIMBYs or a vocal minority and many in the community and even the Planning Board believe this “spin”.  We need the Village Council and Valley itself to see that we are a majority of Ridgewood’s residents and deeply, genuinely concerned about this Village’s well-being and quality of life.  Valley is strongly “encouraging” its employees and auxiliaries to attend, we need to counter their efforts.    (Full Text)


Sept 10 2011 -  Village Council hearings to start on Tuesday Sept. 13.

The Village Council hearings to decide the fate of the H-Zone and Valley's expansion will be held at the campus center at Ridgewood High School and broadcast on Cablevision ch. 77.  Please make every effort to attend to help dispel the hospital's "spin" that we are only NIMBYs and a vocal minority.  The meetings will start at 7 p.m. and doors will open at 6:30.


Tuesday September  13th

Monday September 19th

Thursday October 13th

Monday October 24th

Thursday November 3rd

Tuesday November 22nd

Tuesday November 29th


Apr 7 2011 - CRR Endorses Christina Krauss for the BOE election next Wednesday April 27th, please vote.

“Christina Krauss has led her candidacy with a focus on increasing the openness and transparency of the Board of Education, as well as greater fiscal responsibility and accountability to taxpayers.  She has also demonstrated her commitment to a safe and healthy learning environment for Ridgewood’s students,” said Pete McKenna, president of the CRR.   Full Text

Each candidate has their supporters, so please consider a single vote for the candidate of your choice on Wednesday April 27th.  


Apr 5 2011 - H-Zone Ordinance sent to Council

After 3 ½ years the Ridgewood Planning Board has sent the draft ordinance to the Village Council for review. Ordinance Text



Pete McKenna Elected As New CRR President, as Paul Gould Moves to Texas in Career Relocation. Full Story Record




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